Press Releases 1999

December 16,1999

Beta Site Launched and Traffic Increased by 88%

Thursday, December 16th, 1999, Tallahassee, FL. – Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR) shows web traffic (user sessions) increased by 88% as a result of the beta release of the Play-4-Free games for the North American market and the new web site.

The new site ( was released late Monday, December 13th and provides registered users with a variety of free games and other forms of entertainment including chat, sweepstakes, BingoGrams, BingoFortune and more. The games are Play-4-Free and therefore cost nothing to play. The more often you play the more Bingo Bucks registered users can win, which are redeemable for SuperCertificates via a premier prize partnership with The first 25,000 registered users during the month of December will also receive a $10 SuperCertificate, and be entered to win $1999. This is just the start of many great events with

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December 14, 1999 Officially Launches Beta Site with New Games

Tuesday, December 14th, 1999, Tallahassee, FL. – Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR) officially launches a beta web site and the initial Play-4-Free Bingo games.

The new site, which can be seen at, provides registered users with a variety of free games and other forms of entertainment including chat, sweepstakes, BingoGrams, BingoFortune and more. The free Bingo games can be played for points, which are redeemable for original gift certificates at a wide variety of national merchants via a premier prize partnership with

“We made a commitment to deliver the most fun and entertaining Bingo-based site on the Internet.,” said Shane Murphy, President and CEO. “We believe we are solidly on track and our site shows it. Registered users at will enjoy an ever-evolving array of Bingo games, other fun distractions, and a selection of social events to come such as Happy Hour Bingo, Friday Night Bingo, and more. If you love Bingo, which billions of people do, and you want to have fun and win great prizes, then come have a ball at”

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December 10,1999 Enters Agreement as Premier Prize Supplier for

Friday, December 10th, 1999, Tallahassee, FL. – Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR), the online center for bingo action, announced today a strategic alliance with, a leading e-commerce provider of gift certificates, to provide Super Certificates to bingo game winners.

This agreement, upon release of the Play-4-Free games for the North American market, will provide’s online shopping destination, featuring an unsurpassed selection of high-quality products and services, to the registered users on as they play and win a variety of bingo games. As part of the agreement, will utilize the SuperCertificate, an emailable gift currency that can be redeemed for original gift certificates to 100s of leading merchants, restaurants, spas, and hotels found on GiftCertificates.coms web site. After winning, the bingo player will receive via email a SuperCertificate. The recipient then visits the site and has the flexibility to select his or her favorite gift certificate. then mails (or emails) them their selection. SuperCertificates represent an innovative way to use the Internet to electronically send a gift to the places people like to shop–the leading “brick and mortar” merchants that represent the bulk of retail sales, including Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, J.Crew, Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, The Sharper Image and many more.

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December 1, 1999 Shows 72% Increase In Web Traffic

Wednesday, December 1st, 1999, Tallahassee, FL. – Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR) shows web traffic (page views) increasing 72% as a result of additional marketing efforts, and in anticipation of the release of the Play-4-Free games for the North American market.

The number of visitors to is increasing in anticipation of the new Play-4-Free games and web site for the North American market. Web traffic statistics show the average number page views per day increasing by 72% from the month of October to November. October average number of hits per day were 27,410 and average page views per day were 3,560 as compared to November’s average hits per day of 51,550 and average page views per day of 6,107. This shows an increase of 72% (in page views) as a result of implementation of the initial elements of the marketing strategy which is currently running adds with Gamesville,, Prodigy and COX Interactive Media, and bringing additional content to the site through a working relationship with is also noting an increase in the number of return visitors and the length of time these additional visitors are spending on the site which will lead to proving as a ‘sticky’ site. In line with this marketing strategy, is placing additional priority on increasing public awareness preceding the release of the new Play-4-Free bingo games for the North American market in December.

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November 17, 1999

B Cox Interactive Sales Partners with Through Media Agreement

Wednesday, November 17, 1999, Tallahassee, FL. – Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR) today announced a promotional partnership with COX Interactive Sales which will create more then 12.75 million impressions per month and place advertising on sites including, and COX Interactive Media, as well as on the Prodigy Internet service, giving a strategic position on some of the most valuable real estate on the Internet.

With this agreement, advertising will initially be focused on promoting within the North American market through high profile ads with a variety companies, which will create broad exposure for the company. For example, has purchased a special advertising feature on the Prodigy Internet Homepage ( that allows to promote itself directly to Prodigy members (currently 1.2 million managed subscribers). The advertising from is yet another way Prodigy Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGY) is pursuing its strategy to create new revenue streams from the redesigned Prodigy Internet Homepage. (, another premier advertiser, is the leading provider of online massive multi-player real-time games for prizes, named by MediaMetrix as the “stickiest” site on the internet. With over 30,000 coupons, Val-Pak Coupons On-Line ( is the largest database of money-savings offers for local products and services on the Internet. will also place advertising on COX Interactive Media (, which owns and operates a network of 32 local city sites across the US. (Atlanta, Austin, San Diego, Seattle, Pittsburgh, among others).

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