December 1, 1999 Shows 72% Increase In Web Traffic

Wednesday, December 1st, 1999, Tallahassee, FL. – Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR) shows web traffic (page views) increasing 72% as a result of additional marketing efforts, and in anticipation of the release of the Play-4-Free games for the North American market.

The number of visitors to is increasing in anticipation of the new Play-4-Free games and web site for the North American market. Web traffic statistics show the average number page views per day increasing by 72% from the month of October to November. October average number of hits per day were 27,410 and average page views per day were 3,560 as compared to November’s average hits per day of 51,550 and average page views per day of 6,107. This shows an increase of 72% (in page views) as a result of implementation of the initial elements of the marketing strategy which is currently running adds with Gamesville,, Prodigy and COX Interactive Media, and bringing additional content to the site through a working relationship with is also noting an increase in the number of return visitors and the length of time these additional visitors are spending on the site which will lead to proving as a ‘sticky’ site. In line with this marketing strategy, is placing additional priority on increasing public awareness preceding the release of the new Play-4-Free bingo games for the North American market in December.

“North Americans want to play Bingo online and we are creating a value-based site to provide an entertaining answer to this growing Bingo demand. We are preparing for the release of our new, much anticipated, site and games, and this additional traffic shows that potential players are preparing as well, by registering to be notified as soon as they can play. Along with potential users, additional corporate partners are paying attention to, as our site becomes more and more sticky. We are working to create a value-based site surrounding the Bingo game and people are listening. If you love Bingo, you don’t want to be the last one on your block playing at” Shane Murphy, President and CEO of