April 5, 2017

Rooplay ( is a Netflix of children’s games. It’s a platform model based on monthly subscription. The Rooplay app is small (10mb) but has 500+ games including Rooplay Original exclusives featuring Garfield. All the games load instantly and have no ads, no in-app purchases, no messaging and no outbound links. These characteristics make Rooplay completely safe for kids. We curate & license games and produce our own Originals. Our strategy is to produce & release at least 5 new Originals a month and expect to scale this to 10+ per month.

Rooplay fills a burning need for family friendly mobile content. The existing products and ecosystems fail for a long list of reasons which can be explained. Rooplay solves a lot of the issues in it’s current state, and if we’re given the opportunity to complete the vision we see no reason why Rooplay can’t be a global success on an enormous scale. It’ll take a bit of time, but measured in months, not years.

Cost Effective Distribution Strategy

Rooplay was featured by the GSMA at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a major event attended by about 100,000+ people and most major communications companies from all over the world to launch their products ( and ) and we’ve received considerable interest with Rooplay and how our B2B strategy integrated with theirs. One immediate result, already concluded and implemented, – we are now live in Iran in Farsi partnering with Cafe Bazaar (20 million weekly visits – the Iranian equivalent of Google) and are pursuing a long list of potential partnership deals for distribution including an operator in Brazil who has 50M subscribers, one in South Africa with 31M, and one in Saudi with 20M. We are also in touch for assessments with Rogers, Bell, Verizon, Sprint, and Vodafone to name a few. Rooplay launched world-wide on Android mobile devices in English on March 31, 2017.

Rooplay has global appeal and we’re in process for localization (translation) into 25 different languages.

We will be charging $/€/£4.99 per month for system access with our B2C model. However, using our B2B partnership proposal we’re targeting every country worldwide with our offering. Adding content systems such as Rooplay to the product mix is one of the top priorities for mobile operators as it differentiates them from competitors. This model has been proven by Netflix, Spotify, Sky Sports and is being replicated by Rooplay with games for kids (first of it’s kind). By offering revenue share opportunities to mobile operators, platforms, and hardware manufacturers we can distribute Rooplay very quickly to the 6.8 billion active mobile customers worldwide. At present we have no direct competitors on a world-wide basis.

I’m also attaching 2 Garfield Original title screens, and some of the ads we’ll be using in Iran for your review.

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