KIDOZ Safe Advertising Network Crosses 100 Million Monthly Active Users


Consumer Trends, Regulation Compliance, and App Publishers Fuel Growth

ANGUILLA, B.W.I., September 26, 2019 – Kidoz Inc. (TSXV:KIDZ) (the “Company”), kid-tech software developer, owner of the KIDOZ Safe Ad Network (, the KIDOZ Kid-Mode Operating System, and the Rooplay edu-games platform (, announced today that its proprietary Kid-Safe Ad Network has doubled in reach over the last 12 months to reach more than 100 million Monthly Active Users (“MAU”).

Currently used by more than 3,000 different apps, the KIDOZ network is the most popular in-app Kid-Safe Advertising Network in the world by count of active unique SDK publishers.  In the past few months, leading developers and publishers such as WildWorks, Budge Studio, PepyPlay, MyTown Games, Educa Studio, SmartStudy, Beansprites and dozens more have begun to use the KIDOZ Safe Advertising Network.

The numbers of apps that use KIDOZ has been steadily increasing because of the high demand for safe advertising systems by parents, regulators, Google, Apple, and the app developers themselves.  The Kidoz system was designed from inception to not use any personal identifiers to target users, unlike most networks in today’s sophisticated AdTech market, and to have human curation of every campaign that goes live on the network so that no inappropriate ads will ever be seen in a KIDOZ powered app.

In May 2019, Google announced that only 10 networks globally, including KIDOZ, would be allowed to place ads into children’s and family apps.  In September 2019, Apple announced that it would enforce even tighter restrictions limiting kids’ apps to use Ad networks that rely on contextual targeting only while performing human review of all ad creatives.  Apple’s restrictions make almost every network or programmatic platform non-compliant for kids’ traffic, other than manually moderated networks like Kidoz.

The spending patterns of advertisers are also contributing to KIDOZ’s recent growth.  Children’s brands and advertising agencies continue to shift budgets to safe advertising networks, such as KIDOZ, and away from networks such as YouTube that are not COPPA compliant (by their use of data targeting) or fail to screen campaign creatives.

Furthermore, the usage of free apps and free family digital video content continue to surge in popularity.  Children of all ages are consuming far less broadcast television content and far more in-app games and video content.  In addition to individual usage increases, the size of the children’s market also continues to grow.  As per the PwC Kids Digital Media report, 40% of new Internet users globally in 2018 were children with more than 175,000 coming online for the first time every day.

Finally, regulation at the government level is increasing and positively influencing growth of the KIDOZ Safe Ad Network.  COPPA in America and GDPR in Europe have forced advertisers and publishers to ensure their data and advertising methodologies are safe.  Regulators in America are considering updating COPPA to further enhance child safety online, and regulators in China, India, and other regions are considering similar measures.  As KIDOZ is compliant, it benefits from all child-safe advertising regulation.

“Reaching 100 million MAU’s is an exciting milestone,” commented Eldad Ben Tora, KIDOZ Co-CEO.  “We founded the KIDOZ Safe Ad Network to keep families safe and enable publishers to monetize their content with appropriate and relevant ads. Parents, children, and app publishers all benefit from the increased safety of apps powered by KIDOZ.  We believe the KIDOZ proposition is unique and the market conditions ideal to continue strong growth as we pursue reaching 200 million MAU’s.”

About Kidoz Inc.

KIDOZ Inc. (TSXV:KIDZ) ( is the Internet of Kids (IoK).  Engaging more than 100 million kids a month across our leading mobile KidTech network, KIDOZ provides an essential suite of services that unites kids’ brands, content publishers and families. Trusted by Disney, Hasbro, Nintendo, Lego and more, the KIDOZ Safe Ad Network helps the world’s largest brands to safely reach and engage kids across thousands of mobile apps and sites. The KIDOZ OS solution helps carriers and brands such as Lenovo, Acer, and PBS Kids bring a kid-focused experience to their family devices, in a fully GDPR and COPPA compliant way.  KIDOZ’s Rooplay ( offers an interactive learning experience worldwide with original content featuring Garfield, Moomin, Mr. Men, Little Miss, Mr. Bean and hundreds more kid-focused learning games.

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