Shoal Games Launches Trophy Bingo Worldwide on Amazon

Shoal Games Launches Trophy Bingo Worldwide on Amazon pdf

ANGUILLA, B.W.I., November 30, 2015 / Shoal Games Ltd. (TSXV:SGW) (OTCQB:SGLDF) ( announced today that its innovative free-to-play social bingo game, Trophy Bingo ( recently released on Google Android & Apple iOS is now also available worldwide in the Amazon App Store. The unique construction of Trophy Bingo creates an entirely new bingo game experience that appeals not only to bingo players but to all social game players seeking a game that’s fun, easy-to-learn, and packed with new puzzle challenges.

“The worldwide launch of Trophy Bingo in the Amazon App Store is another important step in achieving our goal of owning a Top Grossing game,” commented Jason Williams, the Company’s CEO. “We remain committed to expanding the distribution of Trophy Bingo and launching in the Amazon App Store helps us to reach millions of new potential players. Since our launch in September, we’ve seen a strong performance on Android and iOS and continue to tune the game and release new features that are improving our retention and monetization significantly. Trophy Bingo is a prime example of the type of game that players are demanding as we’ve stuck to the traditions of bingo, but added layers of fun and challenges that keep social game players coming back every day for more. The most recent release of Trophy Bingo has an average rating of 4.4 in the Google Play store, which is higher than Bingo Bash and equals Bingo Blitz, our two competitors who are regularly in the Top Grossing charts. During the next few quarters we will continue to work to transfer Trophy Bingo’s popularity with social gamers into positive financial results and position Trophy Bingo to compete as the world’s most popular social bingo game.”

Trophy Bingo aims to join the highly successful social bingo games Bingo Blitz (acquired by Caesars Interactive) and Bingo Bash (acquired by the Game Show Network) in the Top 100 Grossing charts, a level at which companies can make in excess of $1,000,000 in revenue per day. Social bingo games are grouped within the social casino segment of mobile games and are one of the highest monetizing segments of all social games. According to Eilers Research, the social casino segment alone is expected to generate revenues of 3.5 billion USD in 2015, up from 2.0 billion USD in 2013, a 38% growth rate. Eilers Research notes that mobile products now account for 61% of all social casino revenue. Despite this impressive growth, Eilers Research believes that social casino on mobile remains underpenetrated as it accounts for less than 10% of total mobile game revenues versus approximately 45% of Facebook game revenues.

Trophy Bingo, is a puppy-themed social bingo adventure where players must win their way through increasingly difficult levels of bingo challenges. The game includes many innovations for social bingo, including new power plays, a map progression system, unique game types, card blockers, bonus bingo rounds, and a bingo combination system. Trophy Bingo is free to download and supports in-app purchases and incentivized video advertising as revenue generators. Our marketing team is aiming to make Trophy Bingo a new entrant into the Top Grossing charts. Shoal Games has sufficient cash to devote the necessary resources to continue to develop, market, and support Trophy Bingo and future products for some time.

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Shoal Games Ltd. (TSXV:SGW) (OTCQB:SGLDF) is the parent company of the group of companies, which owns Trophy Bingo, an innovative, non-gambling social bingo game.   Trophy Bingo is a puppy themed bingo adventure where players must win their way through 120 levels of bingo challenges. The game is free to download and supports in-app purchases and incentivized advertising for players who find themselves in need of extra bingos or want to engage with the premium power plays contained in the game. Shoal Games Ltd. trades on the TSX Venture exchange in Canada and the OTCQB venture marketplace for companies that are current in their reporting with the U.S. regulator. Investors can find real time quotes and market information for the Company at and
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