Shoal Games Launches Mobile Game – Trophy Bingo



ANGUILLA, B.W.I., September 8, 2015 / Shoal Games Ltd. (TSXV:SGW) (OTCQB:SGLDF) announces that its free-to-play social bingo game, Trophy Bingo is available worldwide on the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.

Shoal Games Ltd. has been in the online bingo business, as, Ltd. since 1999 but has recently exited the real-money environment and switched to free-to-play mobile games. The Company changed its name to Shoal Games Ltd. after the sale of the URL and its online gaming business Unibet Group Plc in late 2014.

The company identified the significant potential of social bingo games in early 2012 and began research and design of an innovative new title. The next three years were spent developing and testing various versions of Trophy Bingo to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their offering with the end result being the latest version released this month. Shoal Games expects Trophy Bingo to be available on all platforms in the coming months with the initial focus on mobile.

Shoal Games Ltd. is one of the few publicly traded social games companies and is focussed on producing a top grossing game in the niche bingo marketplace.

Jason Williams, Shoal Games CEO, explains the transition, “We have tremendous expertise in the online bingo business so it was a natural shift for us that once we relinquished control of, we re-focused on mobile and social platforms with our own non-gambling social bingo game. It’s no secret that the social casino segment has grown by almost 40% since 2013, with 2015 revenues set to hit 3.5 billion USD. We’re targeting Trophy Bingo to join the highly successful social bingo games Bingo Blitz (acquired by Caesars Interactive) and Bingo Bash (acquired by the Game Show Network) in the Top 100 Grossing charts.”

“Trophy Bingo is a prime example of the type of game players are demanding. We’ve stuck to the traditions of bingo, but added layers of fun that will keep our players coming back every day for more. Trophy Bingo brings an entirely new format and gaming experience to the social bingo segment,” commented Jason Williams, Shoal Games CEO.

Alongside CEO Jason Williams, Shoal Games’ management team includes Executive Chairman Tarrnie Williams Senior. (ex-CEO of Electronic Arts Canada) and CFO, Henry Bromley.

Trophy Bingo is a puppy-themed social bingo adventure where players must win their way through increasingly difficult levels of bingo challenges. The game includes many innovations for social bingo, including new power plays, a map progression system, unique game types, card blockers, bonus bingo rounds, and a bingo combination system. Trophy Bingo is free to download and supports in-app purchases and incentivized video advertising as revenue generators.

About Shoal Games Ltd. (formerly, Ltd.)
Shoal Games Ltd. (TSXV:SGW) (OTCQB:SGLDF) is the parent company of the group of companies, which owns Trophy Bingo, an innovative, non-gambling social bingo game.   Trophy Bingo is a puppy themed bingo adventure where players must win their way through 120 levels of bingo challenges. The game is free to download and supports in-app purchases and incentivized advertising for players who find themselves in need of extra bingos or want to engage with the premium power plays contained in the game. Shoal Games Ltd. trades on the TSX Venture exchange in Canada and the OTCQB venture marketplace for companies that are current in their reporting with the U.S. regulator. Investors can find real time quotes and market information for the Company at and
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