October 22, 1999

Bingo.com Announces Online Affiliate Relationship

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – Bingo.com Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR), is expanding on the world’s first free ‘Bingo-based’ site in order to become the most recognized and most visited Bingo entertainment destination in the world. The Company is pleased to announce an affiliate relationship with Wall Street NewsCast, which will promote the priority Bingo.com has placed on increasing public awareness by providing an unbiased forum for continuous discussions and updates on Bingo.com.

Wall Street News Cast, Inc. (WSNC) is a NY State Corporation that employs and represents professionals specializing in Finance, Business Development and Internet Business Development. Wall Street News Cast, Inc. operates in the heart of the financial world, NYC. Wall Street News Cast, Inc.’s main portal of business is operated through its web site; www.wallstreetnewscast.com or with the same address ending with .net or .org. Wallstreetnewscast.net is a newly developed site devoted to the principal business model of conducting informative interviews with Small Cap to Mid Cap companies that have important news and upcoming events. Wallstreetnewscast.net is free to anyone and everyone with Internet connectivity. WSNC is also exploring Ecommerce opportunities as well as Internet Partnerships and Co-Branding. WSNC focuses on maintaining professional relationships with represented companies ensuring a positive reputation throughout the Internet Finance Community.

Tom Bustamante, Co-Founder of Wall Street NewsCast, stated “Wall Street NewsCast specializes in bringing to the public RealAudio interviews with CEO’s and their top management team. Companies leading the way in Internet related technology growth, such as, Microsoft, Dell Computers, Disney and many others, have recognized the importance of utilizing our site to share information and we are happy to be able to welcome Bingo.com to this group.”

Bingo.com’s President, Shane Murphy, commented: “We are confident that our new relationship with WSNC will provide an additional benefit to the public who is interested in remaining informed of our business progress, which will support both our Investor Relations and Marketing objectives. This online forum allows us a neutral medium for communicating with the Internet Finance community, in particular, and the public at large. Keep an ear on www.wallstreetnewscast.com for live Bingo.com updates”.