October 21, 1999

Bingo.com Business Update

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – Bingo.com Inc. (OTC BB:BIGR), is expanding on the world’s first free ‘Bingo-based’ site in order to become the most recognized and most visited Bingo entertainment destination in the world. The company is leveraging the worldwide popularity of Bingo with the exponential growth of the Internet to become the center of online Bingo action.

The company is currently accepting wagering from their International game (as the law permits), and in the process of developing exciting ‘Play-4-Free’ bingo based games for the North American (and global) market, which will be released before Christmas 1999. Bingo.com plans on providing many different forms of Bingo-based games designed for users around the world. The Company expects that the new games will encourage many visitors to come, stay, play, and revisit often; since, the more they play, the more fun they will have, the more points they acquire and more prizes they can win. In the process of providing a one-stop entertainment bonanza for Bingo lovers, the company will gather detailed registration, demographic, and behavioral information, which the company expects, will be of great value.

The Company is using their existing knowledge and adding to this by developing a strong team of Internet professionals, and focusing on grand but achievable goals. Bingo.com would like to announce that Mr. Beau Buck will now be fulfilling the role of Vice President in order to further assist in strengthening the company’s business planning and development. The Company is placing priority on increasing public awareness by communicating constantly with the registered players, as well as regularly updating the look of the site. Keep an eye on www.bingo.com to watch things develop internally. Public awareness will increase as upcoming broadcasts air: check out www.wallstreetnewscast.com under the section for ‘New Interviews’ for an audio interview with Bingo.com. The Company will appear on ‘Technology Week in Review’ (CNBC) in the near future and Mark Hamill with ‘.COM’ will also be hosting a segment on Bingo.com in the New Year. Keep an eye on Bingo.com for exact dates as they come closer.

Questions have arisen pertaining to Bingo.com’s compliance with the NASD reporting requirements, The Company would like to remind the public that as of August 31st, they became a reporting issuer under the Exchange Act in the United States and, accordingly, have satisfied the eligibility requirements to maintain trading status on the NASDAQ OTC Bulletin Board.