October 3, 2000

Investor’s Business Daily Names Bingo.com as ‘Stickiest Web Site’; Bingo.com Ranks Number One

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Bingo.com Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: BIGR), announced today that it was named the “stickiest” Web site on the Internet in a September 25, 2000 article in Investor’s Business Daily that focuses on the results of a recent Nielsen/NetRatings survey.

Bingo.com is an entertainment site and game application service provider (ASP) that attracts Internet users with a variety of free games and other forms of entertainment, designed around casino games such as bingo. The site also includes multiplayer video poker, chat, thousands of sweepstakes, concentration games, and much more. “Sticky,” is a term that describes the ability of a Web site to retain the attention of visitors for long periods of time. Sticky sites like Bingo.com offer greater branding opportunity through advertisers through ads placed on the site, because of the long periods of time users are spending on the site. In theory, this exposure means that sticky Web sites are able to fetch a higher price tag from advertisers on the site.

The survey by Nielson/NetRatings showed that sex, prizes, video and a community of online chat are what keep Internet users coming back. According to the Investor’s Business Daily article, “In today’s competitive dot-com marketplace, keeping users’ attention is an issue of interest to online advertisers.” Bingo.com was ranked as ‘The Stickiest Site on the Internet’. According to the Nielson Net Ratings survey, users spend an average of almost nine hours per month playing games and chatting on its game site — nearly twice that of the next highest ranked site.

“The direct derivative of being as sticky as we are is the ramp-up of co-branding (private labeling) interest,” said Shane Murphy, CEO of Bingo.com. “That is, other Web sites want to set up deals in which they link directly, share content and even share ad placements. Statistically, by placing a Bingo.com-hosted game on a third party site, it is possible for Bingo.com to raise the overall average amount of time users spend on the site which has private-labeled (or co-branded) our games. Our role as an entertainment ASP is to provide just this sort of deeply integrated product to other sites, which benefit from longer user sessions. The commodity of time as a product is compelling indeed,” said Murphy.

Murphy noted in the article, “A next step for Bingo.com is to deploy a new technology that is developing and for which it has filed for provisional patent status. It will stream targeted product information to individual viewers, inviting them to sample or buy goods through the site.” The article noted that Murphy hopes Bingo.com will, “break even by year-end and make money in the first quarter.”

Bingo.com provides an entertainment Web site and a game application service (ASP). Their primary Web presence, http://www.Bingo.com is enormously popular and was recently named “The Stickiest Site on the Internet” by the Internet arm of AC Nielsen Ratings.