March 23, 2000 Shows Dramatic Year-To-Date Growth in Registered Users

Page Views Increase to 22.5 Million Per Month is a rapidly growing online entertainment destination that provides interactive multi-player Bingo games that appeal to a very broad-based audience. has achieved significant growth since the launch of its first bingo games in Dec. 1999. now boasts a respectable 92,417 registered users. Monthly page views have increased to 22.5 million and is averaging over 700,000 page views daily, which the company believes is a clear indication of the popularity of the continually changing content and new concepts being offered on the site. is very sticky, an industry term which means that the users consistently spend significantly more time per visit on our site than the industry average. According to statistics from leading Internet publications, which rank web sites by the number of minutes spent per average user, would rank in the top five percent with an average user session of approximately one hour.

As a result of the company’s continued expansion efforts and the quantifiable increase in the level of acceptance of the Web site by consumers, believes the revenue opportunities will grow substantially. has implemented a plan that uses sophisticated methods for accumulating consumer information, and the company believes it can more effectively capitalize on the continued success of its Web concepts and produce positive results in the short term. attracts a large diversified user base giving it the unique ability to segment the user information collected, such as geographic location, age and gender, to target advertisements and other rich media into particular demographic groups. With the extraordinary combination of a steep growth curve, long user sessions and a mounting database of highly valued and predefined consumer information, the company is positioned to leverage new and innovative concepts into existing markets and create new opportunities for the consumer’s online experience.

Additionally, will be featured on the “.com” television series anchored by actor, Mark Hamill. The television series, now in its fifth season, explores the latest technological innovations and the rapidly evolving Internet environment. Best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy and among his many television credits, Mark Hamill is the host of the successful “.com” series and has achieved a level of notoriety that spans generations. The upcoming segment entitled “Bingo and Beyond,” airs as a paid program on CNBC, Saturday, March 25 at noon Eastern Time. The program is scheduled to re-broadcast at 8:00 a.m. ET, March 27 and March 31 on the BRAVO network.