March 13, 2000 Partners with ECAL to Add Valuable Service for Registered Users

Relationship to Help Build Brand Awareness And Improve Site Stickiness

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., March 13, 2000 – Inc. (OTC BB: BIGR), Inc. (OTC BB: BIGR), announced a relationship with eCal Corporation, a provider of online calendaring solutions for major Internet sites such as GO Network and CBS SportsLine. The calendar implementation is now integrated into the Events Section of the Web site providing registered users with an opportunity to create, track and participate in on and offline Bingo as well as other related events such as Bingo conventions and Bingo trade shows.

“Online calendaring will become a valuable addition to the community experience,” said Shane Murphy, president and CEO of “Online calendaring is proven to attract new visitors, enhance the experience of all who use it, and provides one more reason for users to make their first choice of game sites. We partnered with eCal because of their reputation for quality and scalability. The eCal solution will enable us to provide current and future users with a means of being involved in the global, local, and online scene.”

The calendar services are now available free of charge for all registered users of After a very simple one-time sign-up process, the calendar services are available for everyday use. and eCal will share e-commerce and advertising revenues generated through the eCalendar.

eCal’s patented Internet Calendar Engine (SM) helps people manage their time and share information. Multi-functioned and feature-rich, eCal’s engine provides comprehensive personal information management functionality, including calendar, e-mail, to-do list, individual and group meeting creation, paging and reminder service, plus syncing with other digital hand-held organizers. eCal’s forward-thinking client-centric product has caught on fast; company clients include Disney’s GO Network, CBS SportLine, LookSmart, ZDNet, and RealNetworks. eCal is committed to long-term relationships with world-class partners who provide attention-grabbing, timely content and cutting-edge technical contributions.

Powerful, Customizable Functionality

The eCal engine powers the most versatile and comprehensive calendar on the Web. eCal’s data warehouse aggregates event data from worldwide sources including, but not limited to, games, entertainment events, television and movie listings, all of which can easily be added to users’ calendars. will add its own online events, such as Happy Hour Bingo, Double Points Period, and others. Users then schedule events they chose and can set reminders for these and other activities. Other features include group and individual event creation, to-do lists, paging and reminder services.

Powerful Tools For Personalization Using the new “ Calendar Services Powered by eCal,” members will be able to:

1. Create and coordinate activities and events: Users can set up and e-mail details about custom events, such as a child’s soccer game schedule, family reunion, or social club meetings. Anyone who receives the e-mail is automatically registered for the calendar services. If the recipient of the e-mail does not already have a calendar, a calendar is automatically generated for them in real time.

2. Schedule with groups or individuals: Users have the ability to schedule meetings and other events with other individuals or groups. Anyone invited to the proposed meeting or event can then RSVP directly through the calendar.

3. Synchronize with other digital organizers: members can use the new calendar services to synchronize with a hand-held organizer and a desktop data manager in a single, three-way sync session. The procedure lets users integrate their calendar, contacts and to-do lists with Microsoft Outlook� 97/98/2000 and other hand-held organizers. It’s a fast and easy solution for people on the go who need to get things together quickly.

4. Add events from an extensive directory: The calendar service maintains an event directory aggregating information for a wide range of interests, such as financial news, sports, and weather – all of which are easily added to a user’s calendars with the click of a mouse.

Online calendar services are growing in popularity, according to up until late last year, online calendars were only available through large Web 500 companies (those with more than 1 million visitors a month), however, new versions like eCal’s patented Internet Calendar Engine (SM) offer added functionality for small and mid-size Web sites.

“With remarkable growth statistics and user data collected over the last two months, we continue to attract co-branding product development and marketing alliances, and we believe these alliances will help us maximize our leverage to penetrate new markets and further allow us to gain dominant market share in the online entertainment industry,” added Murphy.

“We are pleased to provide with our powerful communications tool,” said Rick Rasansky, eCal CEO. “Our platform can help its members simplify coordination of bingo games and other events, as well as enhance their online experience, by making it more personal and interactive.”