June 1, 2000

Bingo.com Surpasses 40 Million Bingo Cards Played

More Than One Million Average Player Minutes Per Day

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., June 01, 2000 – Bingo.com Inc. (OTC BB: BIGR), a vertical Internet media and entertainment company, announced today that it will surpass yet another milestone today of 40 million bingo cards played and an average of more than one million player minutes spent on the site daily. The company is also launching its newest game, Tiki Bingo, today. It is available to registered users and can be played at http://www.bingo.com.

“We intend to capitalize on this amazing growth through existing advertising arrangements under which we receive revenues based on the number of times an advertisement is displayed throughout our site, commonly referred to as cost per thousand impressions, or CPMs,” said Shane Murphy, CEO of Bingo.com. “We will also leverage this explosive growth into new relationships with potential sponsorship arrangements under which advertisers sponsor a game or portion of one on our Web site in exchange for which we receive a fixed payment. In addition, we will attempt to elevate our brand through strategic partnership arrangements under which our potential strategic partners will offer co-branded versions of our games on their Web sites and display advertising in connection with the use of our games, in return for which we receive revenues from the related advertising. Bingo.com is experiencing an extraordinary popularity, which should prove extremely profitable for us if we can manage to keep up with demand.”

Entertainment and game sites have become increasingly popular and are showing unprecedented growth rates and value within the World Wide Web. Bingo.com is leveraging its Internet presence into a more comprehensive game arena where visitors will be able to play a variety of bingo and other games and enjoy the chance to win points, which can translate into a variety of prizes. With an average per-user session in excess of 60 minutes, Bingo.com provides one of the most enjoyable game and community experiences available on the Internet.