April 6, 2000

Bingo.com Surpasses 10 Million Bingo Cards Played

Bingo.com Sets Internet Benchmark of 60-Minute Average User Session

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., April 06, 2000 – Bingo.com Inc. (OTC BB: BIGR), a vertical Internet media and entertainment company, announced today that it has reached several important operational milestones, including surpassing 10 million bingo cards played, registering its one hundred thousandth user and setting a new Internet benchmark for per average user sessions at 60 minutes.

Bingo.com’s rapid growth can be credited to management’s highly focused, cost-efficient development strategy, which has produced an entertaining user experience on a robust and scalable technology platform. By creating a highly scalable solution, Bingo.com can quickly and cost-effectively expand its service to meet the growing demand for its games and to leverage the inherent opportunities that Bingo.com’s 60-minute average user session presents.

In three short months, Bingo.com has achieved dramatic growth following a fundamental shift in its business model in late 1999 from a speculative and legally questionable wagering concept, to a non-waging, free play vertical entertainment business strategy. Since the beginning of the year, Bingo.com has developed unique bingo games using JAVA software; established a value-added technology alliance with eCal Corporation, a leading electronic calendar technology developer; and has begun what Bingo.com expects will be a long and prosperous relationship with Cox Interactive, a top-tier on and offline sales and marketing firm that specializes in single-site representation advertising programs.

“Reaching 10 million Bingo cards played this soon is indicative of the company’s remarkable potential to deliver in the Internet media and entertainment market.” said Shane Murphy CEO of Bingo.com, “We have been dedicated to creating value through diligent planning and careful execution of a very specific plan. We will continue to capitalize on this momentum to create additional shareholder value with the launch of new products and innovative services in the coming month.”