July 18, 2002

Bingo.com, Inc. Partners With Hush Communications To Offer Subscription Web-Email Services

900,000 Members Gain Access to email@bingo.com

VANCOUVER, Canada, July 18, 2002 / Bingo.com, Inc. (OTCBB: BIGR), operator of the Internet’s preeminent bingo portal, today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Hush Communications, the leading global provider of managed security solutions, to offer secure email services to members of Bingo.com.

Bingo.com’s 900,000 registered users will be able to select and manage a personalized email address on the Bingo.com domain. Prospective users will be able to choose from a free service with a “light” feature-set, or paying the small annual fee of $29.99, gain access to the premium service with larger storage and advanced functionality..

On the surface web-mail services from HushMail operate like many other Internet email services. However, the Hush Encryption Engine encrypts all text and attachments so they are completely protected both in transit across the Internet and when stored in the recipients’ inbox or other folders.

“Hush is very pleased to play an integral role in this privacy solution for Bingo.com users”, says Ben Cutler, Hush Communications CEO and long-time encryption and privacy advocate, “We see a major role in helping Internet users from all sectors exercise their rights to communicate privately and protect their information on-line”.

Members of Bingo.com are always demanding more functionality and personalization from our Website, said Tarrnie Williams, CEO of Bingo.com. The partnership with Hush Communications allows us to add value to our users experience while at the same time increasing revenue to the company.

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